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Our Programs

Learn, Equip, Advance & Prosper

Seminars & Workshops

We provide family+ youth leadership training workshops at the Unity Center. These training workshops are not only highly engaging experiences, but they are custom designed to align with the participants action plan and well being of our families.


We have a full line up of summer, fall, and year-round internship positions. we welcome a cohort of passionate, independent, and caring young adults to serve as both leaders and learners in our community. We call them interns.

We value growth. That means we love and appreciate our interns, who serve at our camps (under the supervision of directors). Our interns are paid, and gain extensive professional development in a challenging and rewarding environment. 


We recognize campers for participating in our camp activities, interns for helping with our camps and participants who attend our workshop by providing a Certificate of Completion. This helps to encourage, inspire and motivate camper, participants and parent at large.

Educational Support

Students who need extra help and support in school are partnered with other students and volunteers to provide support services that may be needed for a child to succeed in school.

College & Career Support

Our programs are design to assist high school students develop a career and or college plan. We connect participants to college in the state of Washington. We also use our community and partnership connections to assist youth with employment. 

Community Opportunities

We provide many opportunities for participants and families to be active in the community through  volunteering, community service, UC camps, year round events and more.


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